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In addition to being a regular lecturer on passenger ships such as National Geographic Orion, The World, Silverseas, Seabourn, Crystal Symphony etc., Lawrence is a frequent guide, diving companion and story-teller aboard private yachts and expeditionary vessels plying the remotest islands of Indonesia.

We can swim with 50 foot whale sharks, dive amongst rare marine wildlife such as the mimic octopus, giant leatherback turtles, reef ‘walking’ epaulette sharks, pygmy seahorses and manta rays.  We can visit the Asmat tribe of West Papua, famous for eating Michael Rockerfeller in 1961, ride with the equestrian warriors of Sumba, visit the last of Borneo’s red apes, in the Camp Leakey Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre.

You can either charter a complete vessel, bringing your friends and Lawrence along, or take cabins in a pre-organized marine expedition to the most species-diverse tropical islands on the planet.

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Enthralling. Dr. Blair has a good feel for his audience and leaves people gasping for more.
— Travel Writer's Association
One of the best lecturers alive
— Walter Kronkite, CBS TV, USA (aboard Seabourn Spirit)
“I have known Dr. Blair for many years now and consider him one of the very finest speakers with whom I have ever worked…. A typical lecture by Dr. Blair is like an adventure. He uses no notes during his talks. He does not stand behind a podium like most lecturers but rather uses the entire stage, commanding the complete attention of his audience. His subject matter is fascinating to say the least… intriguing stories, brimming with astonishing facts and figures about the peoples and animals of S.E. Asia.”
— Jill Galt, Cruise Director, Seabourn Cruise Line