Lawrence’s 2 books have both been international best sellers.

The first, RHYTHMS OF VISION explores the connections between science and mysticism, and the second, RING OF FIRE recounts the ten years of exploring and filming Indonesia with his late brother Lorne Blair. The books are available for purchase here or on Amazon. 

Rhythms of Vision - The Changing Patterns of Belief by Lawrence Blair

This, a brilliant and mystical book, threatens to overturn our ordered view of the world. It argues, in the romantic vein of the co-culture, that we are poised on the brink of a major revolution of thought of the kind that shattered the medieval geo-centric cosmology.

The ‘ground of meaning’ now being dissolved is the dominant cultural assumption that the objective world of tangible, measurable fact is the ultimate ‘truth’.  Evidence is drawn from many different branches of knowledge to show how the single-minded pursuit of objective scientific truth is already forcing man back into himself, into the subjective psyche which actually experiences. Here we see how the ancient occult arts, the mystical and mantic rituals of religion, are but the shards of a long-lost science of the energy- rhythms in which Life is borne and maintained – both its inner mythical geography, as well as its outer physical anatomy.

The book shows how the romantic revival of the ‘co-culture’ is melting the rigid assumptions of the scientific Enlightenment, revealing beneath it the inchoate embers of an entirely different meaning.  Fanning these embers to life shows the outline of ‘religion’ in the new post-Christian age – an era when the rifts between ‘science’ and ‘religion’ – reason and the heart – are healed, fusing them into a single, organic cosmology.  Above all the book concerns the growth of human understanding, and our recent realization that we are all aware only of a tiny fraction of the vast vibrationary spectrum in which we, and the Universe of Life, has its being.


Ring of Fire - An indonesian odyssey by Lawrence Blair 

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RING OF FIRE, first published in 1988 by Bantam Press in London and New York, enjoyed ten weeks on the TOP TEN non-fiction Best Seller List, and was chosen for that year’s Christmas Special Selection of Books for the Royal Family. The book recounts the adventures of a decade of Lawrence’s exploring and filming, with his late brother Lorne Blair, the exotic peoples and creatures of remotest Indonesia.

The book matches the international adventure TV series, RING OF FIRE. Both the book and the tv series received wide exposure and were highly favorably reviewed on both sides of the Atlantic and in Australia.  In l992 the book was republished by Destiny Books, a division of Inner Traditions.  It is now in print by Editions Didier Millet.

The Blair’s astonishing adventure began in l973 with an expedition funded by Ring Starr. It took them on a six-month voyage aboard a pirate schooner through the barely-charted seas of the Spice Islands.

Over the following decade, in eight further expeditions – to Java, Bali, Borneo, New Guinea, Sumatra and many more of Indonesia’s 14,000 volcanic islands – they ventured into some of the remotest and least hospitable regions left on earth.

There they found a starkly contrasting land of dazzling beauty and lurking danger – a forgotten world of Oriental palaces, kings and queens, magicians, mystics, cannibals and dragons.

RING OF FIRE, illustrated with stunning photographs, is a gripping story of courage and determination, and a fascinating visual record of Indonesia’s endangered peoples, threatened species and disappearing cultures.