Extreme explorations of both our inner and outer worlds.


A catalogue of images, tales, talks, books and films from 4 decades of adventuring amongst the remotest tribes and strange creatures of Indonesia.

The inspirational work of one of the world’s foremost experts on the Nation of Fourteen thousand islands, Indonesia. The Bugis tribe of former pirates, the Asmat tribe of cannibal headhunters, the Toraja of Central Sulawesi, who believe their ancestors arrived from the stars, and the mystics and magicians of Java, Bali and the Lesser Sundas.  The dragons of Komodo, the tiny primate tarsiers of Sulawesi and Borneo, and the evolutionary extremes of the Paradise Birds of Indonesian New Guinea.

All these phenomena reveal we live in a world as wonderfully mysterious as are we ourselves.




Dr. Lawrence Blair: Psychoanthropologist, Explorer, Film-maker and expert on Indonesia. 

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Specially tailored marine and land expeditions to the remotest and most species-diverse islands of Indonesia. 

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